Sunday, November 18, 2012

Penn Hills lost alot more than a Walmart when they decided to try and open here.

It was around 2003 when Walmart announced they would be building a new Super Center on the Penn Hills Plum Boro line off of Reiter Road. They recently announced after not being able to secure  state road cut permits etc. not to build in Penn Hills at all  as they also have cancelled plans to build a Walmart and Lowes on Penn Hills border with Wilkinsburg and City of Pittsburgh.

At the time in the Penn Hills Progress  I wrote about all the problems  Walmart's bring with them and also the fact that our  7 volunteer fire depts where stretched to the limit during the day time to provide proper service. I gave a couple possible scenarios which could and have happened in other community's. I wrote the article in such a way to show that we needed more help and donations to our depts. never to criticize them

Well a couple of fools in the fire depts decided they did not like what I had to say about it and decided to try and fight me when I showed up at a fire to help the Fire Marshal investigate it. after which I filed a Police Report and official complaint with
The fire Marshal at the time who was allowing me to work with him so I could use the hours worked  towards  credits needed to obtain my CFI Certified Fire Investigator certificate . I was hoping at some point to work full time as an investigator and slowly get away from all the physical labor involved in running an alarm and electrical business.Strange after the Township manager made the decision I should no longer help he quit as township manager   seems Penn Hills hires a new manager every other year its been an on going joke.

Well after this incident I was no longer permitted to help because township felt  my safety was at risk.
At that point I  said screw everyone.
It was obvious that too many of  Penn Hills  firefighters decided to be there own worst enemy as usual.

Prior to this I left Penn Hills 4# as a member after some one tried to deliberately hurt me by putting nails in my fire boots I filed suit under discrimination law and they agreed to post an apology in the paper I thought things where over and I was still helping depts with the Fire alarms , Phone Systems electrical work etc often getting them stuff for free or greatly reduced prices but after what happened I said no more. I have never helped another Penn Hills  dept since .But I still help other depts outside Penn Hills .
So almost 10 years has past No Walmart and No help to the Fire Depts. and My dream was ruined. and After going thru Stage IV Colon cancer I can only work part time now and do not know how much longer I will live Cancer Free I have already made it past what they thought I would. and the Fire Marshal has retired. So there is no going back there is no forgiveness and there is no more help They shot the golden goose and  have to live with it.
But this is not the first time Penn Hills Depts have done this . Mention the name Penn Hills and most other depts just start laughing after all the high jinx which have happened here and made the news. which I plan to write about in the future.

The volunteer and  professional fire service just keeps being its own enemy all the time no wonder there losing members and consolidating all over the country.

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