Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Social Clubs - Many Hidden Dangers waiting to Kill You

 Its Friday evening where to go how about your favorite Social Club be it American legion, VFW, Eagles ,Moose , Italian ,Russian you name it all good places to enjoy  just a beer and sandwich a bingo game or even attend a wedding . But its whats going on above the ceilings which could ultimately cause your and many other peoples injury's or deaths when you look at  the amount of major and extremely dangerous code violations with Electric, Plumbing , Heating  systems.
Several times a year right here In Pennsylvania  a social club will burn to the ground luckily almost all have happened over night and no one seriously hurt or killed  but it is just a matter of time till a major disaster happens and most of these clubs have little to nothing in the way of fire detection and protection often exit signs and emergency lights are missing or not working or not there at all exit ways and doors  are blocked etc etc etc.
Often after working on the alarm systems in these clubs I walk out and winder how the hell the places are still standing and have not burned to the ground with all the mickey mouse work done by volunteers  or handymen
Local code Officials are often hesitant to crack down on code violations not wanting to be seen as the bad guys but they put the public at risk when they do not require things to be properly done.

I never feel safe in these places and avoid going to social functions at them. Yes even some fireman's clubs and fireman's social halls are also this bad as well as churches social halls as well. 

So if your going to go be aware what is going on around you and know where exits are and make sure there clear and operational if your going to go.

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