Monday, November 12, 2012

The Window Bug a Burglar Alarm device which failed to protect

Window Bugs  have been around since the late 70's and where designed to eliminate foil on windows. and when a window broke it caused the internal unit tuning fork technology to trip the alarm system . Unfortunately they never seemed to work properly  no matter how you installed them. They required a very fast operating panel loop  10 milliseconds  which many panels did not have so you had to use a pulse converter to extend the signal from 10 milliseconds to 2 seconds.
But even with the pulse converter they still never seemed to pick up some one breaking a window. In some cases the glass would be broken and dangling in air with window bug still attached to it. I even tried them on panels with the fast loops and they never worked properly . I had several cases glass windows where broken and alarm never went off.I am not the only alarm dealer to experience this either. Major supply houses no longer even stock them.
They are still available to this day  thru USP  but I advise against using them due to there poor track record of failing to pick up the  breaking of glass.

They do how ever make piezo principle  operated window break units and audio units which work very well when properly installed.

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