Friday, December 14, 2012

When are we going to properly treat those mentally ill who present a danger to our community ?

Yes once again a horrible tragedy at a school with a gunman in New Town  Connecticut  a tragedy which was avoidable . Not by taking away guns but by  treating those who need help for mental illness .

Once again all the signs will be there a mentally disturbed individual who needed help ignored by our mental health system because there is not enough money to treat all those who need it and  because bleeding heart liberals say we can not lock these type of dangerous individuals up.  Instead we have to protect our homes our schools our churches and work places from them as they aimlessly walk around in a mental stupor ready to go off at any minute.

This is why we had state run mental hospitals to lock these individuals up so they would get proper treatment so they would take there medication so that people would be there when they go off the deep end. You rarely ever heard or saw what you see today on the news when mentally ill where confined to mental health hospitals. You rarely ever saw homeless vagrants  they would have been mental health patients kept at a state hospital where they got treatment they needed instead of homeless and drifting getting into danger and being killed or committing crimes. .
No one wants to be locked up but it is something that must be done  when some one presents a danger to a community. Yes there where some badly run places yes there was abuse. But living on the street is better?  Yes some live now in group homes  but many with dangerous conditions there are many  for profit group homes  that are poorly run  as well there is abuse and there have been deaths from fires when these group homes caught fire and had no sprinklers or proper fire alarm system. But there are also well run ones as well.  Group homes are one answer but again no beds are available  when there needed.

The weapons are not the issue. Do you realize the single biggest crime and murder scene in the world 9-11 was carried out with Box Cutters . Not one hand gun involved there was not even one hand gun that killed any of the almost hundred victims at the Oklahoma City government building bombing .

In 1927 in Bath Michigan a mad man blew up a grade school with dynamite no hand gun involved.

 Yes I agree easy access to guns should not be and unresponsible gun owners  should be held accountable when they do not properly secure there weapons as a responsible gun owner does. 
But removing all the guns in society is not the answer . The answer is proper treatment of the mentally ill  including in hospital treatment  and confinement when needed to make sure they are not a threat. Removing guns does nothing.

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