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Why are you still using Coax Cable for Cameras ?

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Video Baluns: From Coax to CAT 5
In many traditional analog CCTV video security system installations, coaxial cable (coax cable) is often used to carry video between the analog security camera and the video monitor or DVR. A video balun enables you to convert various video signals and replace running traditional coaxial (coax) cable with Category 5 (CAT 5) cable in CCTV installations.
Video Baluns
A video balun, also referred to as an unshielded twisted pair balun (or UTP balun), is a type of transformer that converts various types of ‘unbalanced’ audio and video signals into ‘balanced’ signals and sends the signals over long distances using a twisted pair network cable. In video security system installations, a video balun has the ability to connect a CCTV camera to a DVR or monitor and transmit the converted balanced video signal over CAT 5 cable.
CAT 5 Cables
CAT 5 is a twisted pair cable used that usually contains four pairs of copper wire. CAT 5 cable is used for carrying various types of video signals, and there are many benefits of running CAT 5 cables instead of coax cables.

Benefits of CAT 5 Cables over Coaxial Cables:                                                           
  • CAT 5 cables allow for much longer cable runs than coaxial cable.
  • CAT 5 cables save money on installation costs, especially with long distance runs, because CAT 5 cable costs a lot less than coaxial cable.
  • CAT 5 cables allow for virtually interference-free video transmission.
  • CAT 5 cables can also be used to transmit power to the camera or PTZ camera control functions.
  • CAT 5 cables are easier to pull, making it easier to install than coaxial cables.
Active and Passive Video Baluns
There are two main types of video baluns: active and passive. Active and passive video baluns both help amplify video signals, but the transmission distance between each type of balun varies.  The ability to amplify a video signal is especially important for running video cables over a long distance, to ensure that video signal quality is not lost.
Passive Video Baluns
Passive video baluns only use one of the twisted pairs of wire in the CAT 5 cable. Passive baluns are non-powered, and can support cable transmission distances up to approximately 1,000 feet.
Active Video Baluns
Active video baluns include a power supply and can increase cable transmission distances well beyond the transmission distance offered by passive baluns.
You can connect a passive video balun to your security camera with an active balun that connects to the monitor or DVR—to gain an amplified video signal with a transmission distance of up to approximately 4,000 feet.
You can also connect an active balun to your security camera and an active balun to your monitor or DVR—to achieve an amplified video signal with a transmission distance of up to approximately 6,000 feet.
An Easy to Install, Cost Effective Solution
Video baluns are simple to install, easy to use and are ideal for video security system installations requiring long cable runs. Video baluns provide a cost effective solution for converting various types of video signals and running CAT 5 cable in CCTV video security system installations.

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