Friday, March 1, 2013

Where are the Install and User Manuals ?

I recently spent  $80.00 dollars at a FedEx Print store  to have several Honeywell and Avaya  manuals printed out as i needed them to to some installation and programing of new Card access and Phone systems I had installed.
It use to be manufacturers always included a printed manual with a product but in recent years they now include a CD or tell you to go on Internet to get a PDF . Sorry but I like a hard copy paper manual not reading it on a laptop at a job site . where anything can go wrong from no Internet access  to files which will not download to Laptop crashing etc.

I always try and get what I need  a head of time when going to jobs but some times you need something done right now and you do not have that luxury.
 and you go to the site guess what file not available or Internet is busy.

Why cant manufacturers include  manuals with there products or make them available thru the supply houses for a small fee much cheaper than running to FedEx or getting printer ink and paper .

Not only that maybe you would get better installs because installers could actually find what they need fast instead of guessing how something is installed. Oh thats right the industry only wants to hire the lowest common denominator of a person they can find give them no training or proper tools but charge you big bucks and make most they can while having there installers tie up tech support lines  with stupid inane  questions while those pro like my self wait for ever in line to get a tech question answered.

Well manufacturers you do it to your self every time when you do not include books and make installers call. So what do you think your winning in the end nothing but pissed off customers who got a shitty install.

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