Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Would you build a Mausleum / Cemetary next to section 8 apartment complex a scam on those who lost a loved one

When we first moved into Penn Hills  in early 80's in the local  paper there was a full page add for a New Cemetery /Mausoleum  to be built along Hulton Road  next to Plum Creek and a Section 8 apartment complex and Trailer court. Moment I saw the add I thought this has got to be a scam . We  even got phone calls about a 2 for 1 graves  sale. I thought scam all along but many people got taken in as the organizations applied for construction permits and zoning hearings. They even built a mini mausoleum on the site which was never finished and eventually torn down and removed which was suppose to hold those to be interred till main one could be built but . But when they kept dragging there feet getting things done and meeting time lines one of those who needed to have there loved ones buried finally contacted the Pa. Attorney generals office ho closed the whole thing down after it was in fact found to be an elaborate scam.  Today even the one time cross which was erected has been removed and its all grown back in  and driving by you would never know the heart aches this site and the people involved caused.

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