Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who is the JACK ASS at Boy Scouts who thought up no Obese scouts at the National Jamboree ? I think I know why and talk about discrimination.

Yes it is all over fox news 7-15-13 about obese scouts will not be allowed to participate at this years national jamboree. I am totally and completely appalled , disgusted and ashamed to point I am ready to turn back in my Eagle Scout Award  because this is so wrong.

So tell me again how this is not discrimination because this also means Handicapped Scouts will not be allowed also since it is such a physically demanding jamboree.

Did any of these uncaring fools AT SCOUT COUNCIL  hear of the American with Disabilities acts.

Young boys come in all sizes all colors all religions etc. etc. This means you all work together and you do not discriminate. Do they realize the head trip and psychological damage they are doing to young men who want to do right . Some kids will never be thin no matter how hard they try do to certain medical conditions  what the hell are they thinking to loose weight requires more than ok stop shoving food in your mouth.

I hope the parents of these obese and handicapped scouts sue the living shit out of the  boy scouts as well as the justice dept.  for violating civil rights  .

Yes I know all about how scouts discriminate because as a  scout I had asthma , dyslexia and knee problems and I would have hoped it all went away by now but obviously it never did .

When they where selecting a scout to go to the North Pole they said my health issues would interfere.

How the camp leader got mad I wore long pants to protect my legs during day from injury after surgery on my knee that spring  when on camp staff instead of shorts like everyone else as I did not fit in and look the same  TOO FUCKING BAD  I have a right to protect my legs and OSHA  requires it. If your think BSA is exempt from OSHA rules thats what you think.   Plus  I got the job done plus more than most scouts did keeping Semiconon and other camps running .I got my eagle scout despite my disability's. Scouting is not about all being the same its about being a good and proper citizen  and you can do it if your black , white gay straight fat or crippled .

In the Silver Tip District we had a scout leader in a Wheel Chair and we saw that he got to as many events as possible and young scouts took turns pushing him around and taking care of him. He even went in march of dimes walk a thons with us and scout council members resented it as no other district did it.

Same thing with  in Fire Service heard it from the assholes at Penn Hills Station 224#  why is Nick a member when he can not go in and fight fires and can not complete some of the drills . No I could not but I could drive and pump the truck and handle all the outside work while those who could do the inside work did there job instead of being stuck having to run the truck on calls when your short handed.

You know what all these  ignorant ass holes who think I should not have worked with them because of all my health issues  I got news for you at 54  a Stage IV Colon cancer Survivor I  am still  working part time  in the new and old construction field wear a White Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Steel Toes There are no shorts on construction sites except on really hot days depending on the job you do.
 Yes thats right I work on construction sites right next to a master electrician who is 75 years old on a job where we have to work and pull wires in place 45 foot in the air  from a shaky  scissor  lift platform  working around live 480 volts of AC Power  one mistake could be our last and I see plenty of young athletic men come on job and are afraid to go up and work that high  they will not even get on the platform or come near the live wiring .
Why do we do it ?  Because our skill sets are very valuable and all ages  all abilities we all work together on the job site to get it done  .Yes us older guys have to take more breaks then the young workers but in the end we get it done , something scouting and fire service  has never obviously ever learned the value of the person vs how the person looks or acts. Now that I am in a senior tradesman position I pass my knowledge down to the younger generation of workers and make sure they do there work safely and come home each night to there family's like the old guys who guided me.  We do not care what you look like we do not care if your a felon we do not care if your gay or straight  black white or pink  or purple  we care about one thing get the job done for the customer on time and on budget when possible and go home safe and in one piece. We even have women working right besides us and some times bossing crews all we care about is getting it done, and working together to get it done we keep our personnel issues at home and know each others capabilities and get it done working together.There is nothing like at the end of the day looking at that building you helped build  and then being able to tell your grandchildren about it.

Thats the way this jamboree should be run and those able scouts should be working to make sure the handicapped and obese scouts are able to due there best as well encouraging and  working right beside them instead of excluding them in these physical tasks They should be learning together and working together to make it a better world so everyone gets along.
But I think  I know the real reason behind this its a way to back stab the GLBT Groups yes think about it  The perception  that most  young gay boys are fat . Yes I said it thats what the straight community thinks what better way to keep gay scouts out than by banning the obese when so many gay boys are perceived to be obese. I may be totally wrong but where there is smoke there is sometimes and this is despicable if this is what they thought up  .

Yes once again the Boy Scouts of America is proving everyday why it should no longer be in business when it pulls a stunt like this and you can believe me when I tell you if I ever had a son he would not have been a scout.I would not allow him to go thru what I did because of my disabilities.

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