Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Spiral staircases in Fire Houses Another Horse Poop Myth Busted

There is a factoid article running around on the internet that Spiral staircases where put in Fire houses to keep the horse from trying to go up  stair cases   and eat the fireman's food when they smelled it.
a Total and complete myth  but it makes for a good story .

The Myth is total horse manure

The Truth is Spiral Staircases where put in to allow  for more floor space  in the house  since equipment was getting bigger  and needed more floor  space and besides horses where kept in locked stalls in the house  not loose walking around which most fire houses when built in late 1800's where utilizing horses  already to pull units around like hand pumps , hose carts and ladder units  not just steamers, Horses could get units there faster . Horses also will not go up steps voluntarily let alone go up several flights  you must force them to  as a rider or be pulling them on a leader they do not like steps for that matter many horses do not like walking over storm sewer lids either on the street. Horses are also not carnivorous therefore they have no desire for human food  . I have helped my sister in law with her horses for many years now . Other than a horse getting nosy as to what your doing they  are strong independent animals ,who keep to them selves  for the most part. Once again a good story  going around on internet like using egg whites  to treat burns both story's  and no truth to them check the facts out for your self do not believe what you read on line from one source and then buy it hook line and sinker.

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