Monday, August 5, 2013

30 years later no one knows ? Who Killed Billy G.

Billy  G.was a kind hearted soul he lived in an old van  along Old Leechburg Road in semi rural  Plum Boro  at Paglianos Auto Body which has since changed names and owners  .He would  Always come out and great you with a cheerful smile when you brought him a carrot or apple  .
But you see Billy G. was not a person he was in fact a Billy Goat a very large blond one at that who kept the grass neat and trim in front of the business and he was kept on a long chain
and walked among the many old vehicles that sat in the front yard which as you can see by the current picture have all been removed. It was a cold winter night when Billy G. Was attacked and killed the apparent victim of a hit and run even thou his chain would not allow him to get that far down on the road. The plum police  took a report and there was a big splash in the local paper including in big letters spray painted on billy G.'s Van he called  home  " Who Killed Billy G. " but know one ever came forward and a deliberate case of animal cruelty never went any where else.
Yet all these years later it seems those involved might still be hurting animals as there have been consistent reports over the years of horses ,donkeys etc being hurt by being deliberately run over or shot in the eastern section of Allegheny County and Westmoreland and Indiana county's.

We can only hope there is a special place in Hell for people who hurt gods creatures  be it 2 footed human or 4 footed with fur.

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