Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why keep an old and new fire system operating at same time when doing a major building addition . Instead eliminate the old one and combine them.

It absolutely amazes me how many alarm company  specifiers when designing a new fire system for a building addition will install a new fire panel and system and then keep the old  fire panel still operating in the original section instead of eliminating it and combining old and new technology together into one comprehensive operating system.
I just did this at a major food distributor  when I installed an addressable5808 Silent Knight  fire system and then eliminated the old traditional  Edwards panel they had and I added those 10 zones to the fire system . Why would I keep the old Edwards system still operating it makes no sense.
But how do you do it you might ask . Very simply use your brain for something more than a hat rack.

 So lets look at a conventional panel a 10zone panel has 10 zones of smokes pulls heats etc and 4 audible loops. OK how do I combine them.

First the audible loops  these can be made to work by means of a simple NAC extender  Booster like a SK 5495
power supply which has 4 loops in it.  attached to one of  the addressable  panels  audible loops so first problem solved . In the picture below you can see on left 2 new boxes to take the old fire panel on rights zones and horn loops as I was in process of transferring wires testing circuit and then cutting them down and dressing them once I was sure they worked properly

OK what about the 10 zones some with smokes . OK Silent Knight makes a SK Monitor10 a 10 zone module you can put the pull stations and heats on  for the

 2 wire smokes they make a special single  SK Zone or  multi zone  monitor module SKZone6  . which allows 2 wire smokes to work on the addressable system as well

Yes you will need to add some extra power wires to work with these modules but you can pick it up directly from the Fire signal booster panel so there you have it problem solved. old system gone ad old components working on new system and as the old stuff goes bad it can be updated later just like I am doing.

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