Friday, September 20, 2013

Cleaning up old wiring on Sprinkler system results in finding some very critical code issues which could lead to there failure.

I am currently working on a very large fire and security project in a  warehouse with a licensed master electrician who is a young 75 years old and still loves doing his job every day.
we finnaly the other day got around to cleaning up all the wiring mess in what was the old sprinkler room which they took the walls down  around it to allow it to be open and visible instead of hidden.
Upon closer inspection after we started to remove old un needed wiring I noticed 2 very critical problems with this system where major mistakes where made and could result in it not functioning properly.
First problem is the 1 1/2" pipe on left riser pipe which runs to maintenance room  it is below the flow valve if the heads on this pipe would activate there will be no alarm and building could easily flood because water is not going thru flow vavle but the most critical problem I found was that this was originally a dry system which was converted to a wet system when it kept leaking air and the main dry release valves where left in place instead of being converted to wet valves . The flapper in the valves could malfunction and prevent flow of water at needed rate. The individual who did this is no longer around but if he where there would be serious rep-ructions from the fire marshals office.
Luckily I have some sprinkler training and caught this problem  which there have been how many professionals in doing annual tests and they never caught it after almost 15 years or just chose to ignore it. Which tells me they where not doing there job and needless to say my customer is now using a  new company to do there work.

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