Monday, September 9, 2013

Honeywell Tuxedo Keypads be careful before you buy the wrong one and get screwed not being able to do remote automation.

When the Honeywell Tuxedo Keypads came out early on 2012 everyone thought they where great until they found out you could set automation scenes but then did not have remote control and override of them. What a bummer.
Well they did some work and if you bought the WiFi version  of the keypad after downloading new firm ware you can in fact now remotely control locks and thermostats exactly as you wish.
as you can see in the above picture but if you bought the hardwired version your screwed.
They have failed to do anything about the hardwired tuxedos and have offered no programs to help replace them and considering they cost almost $400.00 a piece my customers feel ripped off and are very angry they are not getting answers about there hardwired tuxedo keypads being able to do remote automation..

But to make matters worse Honeywell has still failed to address a technical issue  with the tuxedo keypads going dark and not taking commands in particular its a problem with the WiFi version you put them in and 2-3 weeks out hey go dark and take no commands and I have had the same problem with hardwired ones as well. You have to power them down then back up to get them to work.
Honeywell has also failed to answer why they rolled out Total Connect 2  when they knew the  2G communicators would no longer work after 2015 yes Honeywell has a lot of explaining to do and they are no longer my partner of choice when it comes to burglar alarms and they better get there act in gear or there will be no more purchases of Honeywell and I am not the only dealer saying it. 

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