Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Carbon Monoxide Signal Alert talk about confusing was that 3 for fire or 4 for Co

Yes once again the great folks at NFPA have come up with another fantastic screw up .
Co detectors  now have a 4 beat to them while fire systems have a 3 beat great so now you hear a sounder going off especially at 3 am while sleeping  and need to figure out is it Co OK need to get out to fresh air  or 3 beats my ass is on the line may have to jump out the window to escape.
System Sensor Co Detector 

Now manufacturers like System Sensor above must follow what UL and NFPA want in the code. and if its 4 beats its 4 beats. They have no choice.
 Now you would think NFPA and UL   would make the sound completely different to eliminate confusion  nope same beat 4 instead of 3 and who is going to take the time to count  thinking there is a fire instead of Co.

The confusion could in fact lead to further death and injury when individuals go looking thinking they have a fire instead of Co leak and go into a basement etc. and encounter a high level of Co and pass pout from it. now Co units are suppose to pick up a low enough level to warn and get out but if unit is on first floor and not in basement  by time the co gas gets to first floor dangerous levels are already building in the basement. But your suppose to install one on all levels they encounter great what if my installer did not and what if lower level unit malfunctions. Something those who wrote this new code requirement for 4 beats never thought thru. They think they can just cookie cuttter a rule and everyone and every situation follows it wrong.
Yes it is just a matter of time once again I get to say I told you so and once again hand to plaintiffs attorneys a copy of my articles warning of a problem and getting ignored by those in charge.
Once again the fire service and prevention  proves there own worse enemy.

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