Sunday, September 8, 2013

The fire alarm work this intergation company did in a fire station could actually cause a fire

Amazing how an integration  company that goes around telling everyone how expert they are at installing integrated systems can do some of the worst work I have seen in 35 +years of doing this kind of work.
Recently I was called to a Volunteer fire company in Butler County Pa. to tie in a new kitchen exhaust hood they had installed to the fire system  by an electrical contractor I work with. Normally its simple enough tie in wiring and program the point except when I opened up the fire panel it was horrifying what I found .
It was a Honeywell vista 128 FB panel which is a combo commercial fire burglar panel  which requires and comes with a separate power transformer enclosure which the 120 volts ac is hooked to and 16 volts ac is then conected to panel all by means of EMT conduit or metal flex wiring . But thats not what they did instead they tore the transformer out if its enclosure  and drilled 2 holes in the vista panel and mounted it as an open frame transformer with out a proper enclosure to prevent an electrical shock and as you can see just taped the Leeds allowing for an electrical shock or fire  . A total fire code and electrical code violation done in a fire station of all places. needless to say the chief was upset and this company was called back and told to correct the situation. Of course I should not have been shocked this is the same company one of my instituional customers booted off there property after they ran an orange exstension cord wire in a wall for a fire system in a youth group home.  This company needs put out of business but as usual they getaway with what they do becuse they never get there work inspected doing it after all the inspectors leave the job and this kind of dangerous work is what you get. A local university got so upset with there work they are forbidden to ever work on its buildings ever again.

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