Sunday, November 3, 2013

If you have this PAMA Co Detector you need to check it for problems

I installed this PAMA Carbon Monoxide Detector manufactured in Israel  a few years back in a customers home the nice thing about it was it had a permanent Co sensor which did not need changed every 5-7 years like current units on the market  unfortunately thou the units where not supervised either for proper operation like new units. Either way the units been preforming flawlessly that is till couple days ago when customer complained it was going off constantly .
I opened up and examined the units and found it extremely hot and inside of case all smoked up .I took unit out of service and I am in process of getting hold of manufacturers rep and CPS C as this could result in a very serious problem this unit could have gotten hot enough to cause a fire despite fact its only a 12 volt DC unit wired with Calls 2 wiring. Which i have talked about in previous articles just because its designed for class II does not mean its 100% safe from possible fire or shock.

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