Sunday, November 3, 2013

In this case two was not better than one. When it came to controlling a machine

I am currently in the process of repairing a  Sheet Metal Shops  Shear machine which has a electrically controlled Back Gauge which moves forward and backwards to allow for exact proper cut each time when you feed in sheets of steel for a project. Its a pretty simple set up except who ever did the initial repairs on this machine when the gauge broke down  did the wrong repair and instead of installing a  specifically single forward and reverse controller which has mechanical safety interlock to prevent both coils from energizing at same time and moving  they took 2 single motor contactor controls and tied them together .Thou it works it is illegal to do this and presents a major electrical and OSHA codes violation. as both coils could energize at same time overloading motor circuit and causing injury and fire. Needless to say I have ordered in correct parts and will be repairing it properly. So your probably asking your self how could a machine go for years like this then be sold to a second shop and never be caught and corrected. Its because there was not a problem up till this time  and machine was never properly inspected when it was re-installed or it would have been caught by the electrician wiring it. That is if the electrician was properly trained in industrial electric which in this case I know he was not properly trained in industrial work. needless to say his services are no longer being used by this facility. as this is not the first time he hooked something up and did it wrong. and shame on the electrical inspector as well who looked the shops electrical system over for not catching all the problems they have had so far as well.

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