Sunday, December 8, 2013

Discount Store selling expired Fire Extinguishers and Powder Actuated tools which require a license a very common problem items in stores and Flea Markets that should not be there.

I was in  Koppel Beaver county when I had some time to kill between jobs and stopped at a discount store which has all the usual crappy stuff from China   and some used tools etc. when my eyes came across a dozen boxes of Flame out Foam Fire Extinguishers. marked $3.99 a piece these units normally go for $20.00 retail so they would have been a deal had they not been expired  in 10/08 .
Needless to say the store owner could care less they still can be trusted there still sealed ?
Really ! sorry the answer is no.
 Yes they may very well work but there almost a decade old and when it comes to your life on the line do you want   to trust them.
Since there was no local AHJ to notify I contacted the manufacturer who will hopefully follow thru and get them off the shelf.
While I was there also they had used Hilti Powder Actuated Fastener guns which should only be sold to those 21 years old and to use them on the job requires a special license and training .
Needless to say had I looked harder there would have been other items as well they should not be selling but that's the problem these discount stores and Flea markets have very little regulation and AHJ  are slow or never ever get involved in what is being carried and sold including illegal switch blades, Recalled products  and other dangerous items  despite there being laws against selling such things .
Unless individuals like my self get involved  and get it stopped it just continues. When it comes to knives and guns , veterans grave markers etc police will some times get involved but often times are hesitant.
The result people get injured regularly by items they never should have had access to in the first place. The persons selling can face stiff fines and penalty's but it usually does not happen till some on gets hurt and there's an investigation.  Which is a dam shame but the truth.  Before you by something used do your due diligence and research the item and make sure to check for labels etc so you are not buying something illegal or expired or recalled.

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