Friday, January 3, 2014

Fire Patrol an important service no longer provided by insurance company's you probably never heard of.

Yes in many big city's Like Philadelphia,Chicago and New York the Fire Patrol played an important role in the protection of building assets when fires would break out .
 Instead of fighting the fire these men would be involved with the protecting of the buildings valuable contents from fire using tarps,Physically moving items from harms way etc to limit water damage there by  saving insurance company's millions of dollars over the years and allowing a business to be back up and running much faster after a disaster.The last such of these Insurance company provided services ended in 2006 In  New York city

Now you would think with the extreme high cost of replacing ever more expensive and hard to replace electronic systems in business these services would be expanded but no bottom dollar insurance company's would rather you lose and they fight you all the way to court and a lawsuit from you getting paid for your lost and damaged  assets. let alone how Travelers Insurance screwed many Fire patrolmen out of benefits as well when they took over an insurance company .

The fire patrols also played a very important role of Fire prevention as well as detection of fires when they conducted patrols in the city's
and even to this day when fire suppression  and detection systems are taken out of service a fire patrol must be established some times by employees  of building involved  being given the duty or the hiring of a professional security guard service depending on what the local authority requires depending on risk.

While  Burglar Alarms and Sprinkler and Fire Systems have eliminated many places security guards where once used some insurance company's still require them at certain facilities  must have guards  walk around and   patrol the facility looking for fires and break ins etc.
so while insurance paid are no more they still exist  in one form or another just not on the scale they once where. 

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