Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sticky Situation with False Fire Alarm Leads to finding a Fire Hazard with Space Heater

Yes this was a very sticky situation where lives where unnecessarily put on the line  because  when a fire alarm went off which was apparently false went 2 days with out being repaired.

I got called early Monday morning   from an American Legion I take care of Bartender could not set Burglar alarm and fire alarm was in trouble . I remotely bypassed fire loop and set  burglar system and was down to repair system later that morning when Janitor arrived.

After trouble shooting the system I found that a heat detector out in main hall was full of Mountain Dew Soda syrup  which shorted it out .
Seems upstairs banquet hall bars syrup lines  which supply the Pepsi and mountain dew etc had split and where leaking down thru ceiling.
what a Mess.

So I took out heat detector and put lines together till the mess can be cleaned up call post commander and he got Pepsi people there to fix lines.
 He tells me yea the alarm went of Saturday morning some one should have called you and said he would get to bottom of why I was not called  he was steamed about fact alarm system was down 2 whole days.

I then went into commanders office o check the remote keypad to make sure everything is reset and run across a space heater left on full blast with flammable materiel sitting right against it I shut it off and when commander arrives  I showed him the problem and he blew his stack seems one of them members was  in doing book work turned it on and left .
Needless to say they have problems here  as like many of the legions and VFW there losing members and having hard time getting people willing to do there positions of office properly .

Top view of heater with materials sitting right on it 

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