Friday, January 17, 2014

There is a reason they require Shielded cables for certain Electronic Installations No wonder this one put in by big name integrator did not work

Yes it never fails to amaze me how company's go around pounding on there chests how great they are at installing cameras and card access systems and there work is total crap and not to workmanship standards in fact their work violates Electrical and building codes and often violates manufacturers warranty's and causes nothing but head aches.
Take the Card access unit below.

Besides being a mess they did not use proper shielded wire to insure there is no cross talk  on the readers where you present your card .They just used plain old straight wire.

As you can see in above picture shielded wire has an outer metallic shield and drain wire which is attached to  electrical ground  to keep stray radio and other signals out of the wiring  when this is not used there is nothing but problems and on the installation above this is very true .
Doors unlock by them selves cards some times work and open doors and some times none of the doors work all because the signal from the readers to the main control  are picking up stray noise whih causes the system to be erratic.
this same outfit who did this bad install and ides around Pittsburgh with there fancy mobile command post also installed card access equipment in a elevator control room which is a major violation of building codes but they could care less. I have also seen how poorly they install cameras where they work for a year then quit .But they go all over western Pa. telling everyone how good they are.
Yes this $20,000 7 door system is a total disaster they installed and now I must go over entire system and replace components and wiring all because if lack of surge suppressors and proper wiring .
But these hacks exist because customer instead of going after them just right it off as a loss and in this case tax payer money paid for this install in the way of a grant. what a dam shame.

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