Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When it comes to Energy sneaks wasting power Phone Company's are the worst - another successful electrical vampire hunt

I hate these type of service calls get called from customer and his tenant says the fire alarm keeps sounding off trouble outside his office. i check with central station and they see no problems so obviously its something else but I sill have to respond and customer is going to get a bill well it ends up as usual had nothing to do with the fire alarm instead its the power supply for a fiber optic T3  data line put in by Verizon Communications many years ago for a tenant who is no longer renting the space.
Seems the back up battery has gone bad and it was beeping o warn there was a problem since tenant is no longer in building I disconnected it and eventually this piece of now junk equipment along with a bunch of other useless and worthless phone equipment will be ripped out by myself and recycled.

There are rooms full of this stuff every office building  has  its share taking up space plugged in stealing power and doing nothing. There is a section in the National Electrical Code that requires abandoned wiring and equipment be removed but it is hardly ever enforced.
 But in the long run it ends up a gold mine for me when I recycle it as I get paid to remove it plus any thing I can recycle and reuse and sell is a bonus .
 Trick is to be able to tell what is active and what is not .  
and in this case there is no longer a 5 amp draw on power being wasted.  which is bonus for my customer.

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