Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PA Firemans Magazine Editor is wrong not one life would have been saved he mentions in this article ? Let me tell you why

Yes every month the editor of Pa. Fireman's magazine rants about all the fire deaths in pa and how sprinklers would save them, Really?
No not really because all the deaths are in homes built prior to when the sprinkler mandate would have gone into effect.
What he feels to realize is  that the only lives saved would be homes covered under the mandates and that would be homes built in last 3 years and not very likely to catch fire.
There is also the fact even if mandates where put in place that there would still be fire deaths in homes which are mobile homes which are not addressed any where in the legislation or existing homes or personnel care homes or day care centers . So Ernie your barking up the wrong tree with this line of argument.
What sprinklers will do is prevent deaths in the future and only in the future where the systems have been properly maintained and not shut off by home owner after a pipe freezes and breaks.
Had the fire service and Ernie really wanted to make there point as to why sprinklers they should have been pointing out the dangers how these new homes place firefighters lives in jeopardy and firefighters should have taken a stand and said we will not enter and fight fires in these homes they will be an outside surround and drown attack only because of the dangers of floor collapse.  They would also have made a big impact by installing fire systems and sprinklers in fire stations but still they have not and every year we lose 3-4 stations to fire and millions in equipment. Yes like I always say the fire service is its own worst enemy .I use to write for PA fireman for many years then Ernie did not like when I questioned the sprinkler bill and its costs especially in light of the fact fireman where not properly supporting it.Well too bad because many firefighters loved my articles and do not get to see them now  unless they happen across my blog.
Like I said Fire Service is its own worst enemy. Yes fire sprinklers save lives but they also have there problems as well instead of ramming it down peoples throats the fire service should have been embracing them and showing citizens there value and why they want to have them in there homes had firefighters taken a stand and pointed out the dangers in this new light weight  construction . But they never learn and neither does Ernie  what a shame. Well at least we now have a Carbon monoxide detector  law in place which still fails to address many areas and structures that need them but will not be covered by the new law.

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