Saturday, February 22, 2014

PEX The future of plumbing or disaster in the making? I guess will find out in 20 years

PEX or Cross-Linked Polyethylene is the new buzz word in water piping in residential and commercial construction  .
A very tough plastic piping its much cheaper and easier and safer to install over copper pipe  you simply crimp on a fitting

and it has all but totally taken over as the superior way to do plumbing  for supplying water.
However like all new products we will have to wait and see if it truly is the miracle product they claim it is  now a little over 5 years on the market.
Already some problems are developing because people go to use a torch to change a fitting on a piece of copper sticking out of a wall and not realize its attached to a piece of plastic PEX.
but that's the least of worries  just look at the problems and lawsuits brought by home owners over Polybutylene Piping

Which worked for a while then failed. Plus the new crimp on and self gripping  Gator fittings coming out for copper pipe as well.
 All these products that have not been long term tested and all buried with in walls . Add in the new closed cell foam insulation's I see nothing but disaster coming down the road. Plus what about the chemical BPA which can leech off plastic they warn not to drink water out of a bottle exposed to sun and where running hot water thru plastic.

But  no one wants to listen and on we charge till something goes wrong and then its duck and cover your ass
when the finger pointing starts.
Yes all this new technology is making it much easier and cheaper to construct but at what price ?
Well I guess we will be finding out 20 years from now when homes start catching fire from over heating wires in closed foam insulation  and start  self destructing and leaking  because no one had the foresight to say hey wait a minute lets really make sure this stuff is not going to cause problems.


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