Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why is a Fire expo promoter illegally posting signs along I-79 in Pittsburgh ?

Yes once again the fire service shows why it is its own worst enemy .
I was riding up I-79 North from Washington county when I started encountering signs for the Fire&EMS Expo along the roads berm. This is 100% forbidden by Penn Dot and  Pa state and federal laws . the signs can blow free and end up hitting vehicles and cause accidents as drivers try to avoid them

To make matters worse as I get up to the rest stop near Bridgeville there's a big wooden sign for expo.  right along the berm going into and out of the rest stop. 
Needless to say i contacted and filed a complaint with Penn dot who I hope throws the book at this show promoter just WTF where they thinking. 
besides violating laws and doing a complete slap in the face of the very people who may have to respond to an accident caused by one of these signs and shame on the promoter for not insuring who ever was placing the signs did so properly. 

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