Sunday, March 23, 2014

Allegheny County Pa. Once again fails to follow thru with Life Safety proposal as another town prepares for Tornadoes

When a tornado came thru Pittsburgh in the late  90's and then several severe storms which produced small micro-bursts it was all over the papers how Allegheny County Emergency management was going to work with local fire depts to use there sirens  for tornado warnings.
At the time I wrote the county office and offered my expertise with sirens and electric to see the program work but one big problem was not all fire depts had back up power generators the one I belonged to in Penn hills #224  did not .
It would have been rather easy to convert the sirens to do a fire siren tone for fire fighters and tornado tone for about $4500.00 per station at the time . Well the whole proposal as usual with Allegheny county along with county wide identification cards for firefighters to identify them went no where also . While surrounding depts in nearby countys have  one just this moth updated there system to do tornado calls as you can see in link below.

 If Allegheny county wants to ever go forward  with this proposal it is now way to late as many depts have shut down there sirens all together and  have removed them because neighbors do not like the noise. 
So once again here sits Allegheny County with no way to notify residents except by there cell phones ,TV ,radio and other gadgets when they remember they can actually do that and how to use it.  All of these devices power dependent and need to be turned on.
So we are no better off than we where in late 90's when another batch of tornadoes goes thru and even less prepared to get a warning out. inst that just great but this is what happens when you let Neanderthals into government.  

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