Sunday, March 2, 2014

Solar Panels Posing Big Dangers to Firefighters why you may not want to install them on your home or business

Yes Solar Panels are becoming popular but they pose an Extremely Dangerous Condition to Firefighters
due to several factors

First - they can be Electrocuted by them due to DC Current running thru them or be entrapped in the wiring .

Secondly- they pose a major risk of roof collapse during a fire  due to there weight they put on the roof

Thirdly - a roof fire can not be gotten to under the panels allowing the fire to spread.

Which is what happened at a massive warehouse blaze at Dietz & Watson in Delanco NJ

The danger solar panels pose is so great that some states now require a very clearly marked plaque
be placed on the outside front of homes and business warning firefighters of the danger and systems be registered with local officials .

So what is the option. Solar panels can be placed in open areas on the ground if there is space where they can be safely watched and maintained. But this is not always an option but if you go on the roof know what you could face in the future and I see this becoming a big problem with code officials and Insurance company's in  the next few years where roof top installs will be banned.

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