Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wilson's new " Sleek " Smart Phone Booster a Winner

I have written about cell phone boosters in the past but using one with a smart phone has been trying to say the least well Wilson Electronics has come up with a fantastic solution I used this week while traveling thru rural Pa. and W. Va.  and its under $100.00 for 3 G and under $200 for 4 G version
Called the Sleek you slide your smart phone into it  set antenna on roof and  plug into cigarette lighter and away you go it even has a holder which allows hand free use of your phones display and best of all you can plug it into a USB charger and use it in you home or office which helps when you need to get that emergency 911 call out  or do not have a land line .

It claims it can boost your signal up to 20 times and more than appears to do so. Even back in valleys  and switch backs I never lost call .

It works with all carriers except for Nextel iden service which is slowly going away anyways .I am using it with a Motorola Droid X2
and has the new FCC required  carrier protection circuit which huts down the amplifier should it cause harm to carriers network in my book its a winner.  Wilson makes all kind of antennas and boosters for cellular as well as the famous K-40 CB Antenna.
So try one out if you can .

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