Friday, April 11, 2014

Old School VS New School fancy Alarm Company : Easy to guess who lost when burglars came calling

One of my first customer who has since passed on owned 3 Food Land Super Markets at one time one of them located in library Pa. he closed first after sales declined and he leased the front of the building to a national  drug store chain . they had this  fancy start up company  come in and  Install a new hi Tech Radionics Burglar Alarm System which is a very good system if installed properly which they did not . Right away I saw holes where they installed the motion sensors and just laughed.
Meanwhile my customer Larry kept the large back section of the old supermarket as a storage space to keep stock for one Food Land he still had left.
I took the stores old Moose MPI 25 panel and moved it to the back and proceeded to wire in the doors
and place motion sensors n all the storage areas. 

Well few weeks go by and Larry calls me and said I needed to temporarily trap wire a hole in wall where burglars tried to break into the storage room but where caught.. 
Well I get there good deal we caught burglars with system  win one for the good guys.

But that was only part of the story seems the burglars had broken into the drug store thru roof vent  and drug store system never picked them up they stole drugs and cash then proceeded to break thru back wall into my customers storage area when they where finally detected and captured had my system not been there they would have got away clean. 

Needless to say a embarrassing episode for this fancy alarm company which was eventually sold and is now part of ADT  But this is not only time this company failed there where several times I ran across articles where they where sued where systems failed including a million dollar house where fire system failed.
Of course I would find out why they where having problems after taking over a system a friend had installed at his high end home in Nemacolin  Resort and saw how badly they installed the system including leaving the resistors for smoke detectors in panel and not using power supervision relays .
But it seems all is well as the company's founder is still around in fact he got a big award while back in one of the security magazines I get.

It just amazes me how these guys get all this accolades  awards etc from the alarm industry  for building these big company's then dumping and selling them and go on and build another one  while all along forgetting about the customer its all about how much money you make with a company not hat quality of service you actually provide. 

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