Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silent Knights new 5820- EVS Panel handles all types of Emergency's from Fire and Gas leak to Armed Intruder

Since the events of 9-11 took place codes and technology's have been evolving to insure the safety of large gatherings of people at work or play  be it a mall,  church  a college campus or large corporate office complex .
This has resulted in systems known as Mass Notification Systems .
Which can deliver messages by several means to notify building occupants or those walking around the structure of a problem such as Fire, Tornado, gas or chemical leak, armed Intruder etc.
Silent Knight a Honeywell Company has now released the SK5820 EVS a combination Fire panel and voice Evacuation and Emergency Communications Panel

5820-EVS center with voice amplifier to right and strobe booster at top 
I recently installed a very large set up at a church in Dormont Pa. which was recently purchased and taken over by a non denominational congregation and operates on 3 floors and has had multiple additions added over the years.
the 5820 -EVS was ideal for the job  
a 50 Watt  distributed amplifier and 6 amp strobe booster was installed on each floor  and  this allows for delivering either pre-recorded or live messages from the command center in main hall.
There was a fire proof chase way up thru center of church and this made for a perfect means to run wiring so conduit was not needed and also an excellent place to locate the equipment you see above which they will build an enclosure around. 
While the main panel at top of panel has the traditional Fire Control Interface you will notice the rows of buttons with white tags below this is where various pre-recorded messages can be set up for different emergencies . 
To activate the buttons you must have an activation code you enter to prevent meddlers from activating it .
 and there is an on board microphone to make live messages or record your own personalized messages. 
The system also uses distributed SBUS technology where only 1 -2 conductor shielded wire for voice and  4 conductor wire for control are needed between the components  to make them all work together as one system and trouble shooting is a breeze as each individual  booster and amplifier panels  individual circuits read out when in trouble.
This is definitely a winner and I have a second install going in  a butler county church later this month .
The other nice thing about this panel it also can use the new  Smoke /  Carbon Monoxide  detectors 
and separate message of CO leak can be delivered which we installed these units at the 2 boiler rooms. 
I installed 72 + hours of back up battery as well since the church is strong and big enough to be used as an evacuation center for neighborhood should there be a community emergency and this will insure evacuees are safe during their stay if there is an extended power failure as well. 

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