Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting on Parkway East in Swissvale is a challenge for even skilled drivers with its crazy ramp system

If  you are coming out Braddock Ave. in Swissvale and want to get on to the Parkway East as its called but its really  I-376 west bound you get on a ramp that takes you a full 360 degree to get up on to it the problem in the circle your making you have to yield as another street W. Swissvale Ave. comes into the ramp and your not expecting it as your blind coming around the bend  and cars come down W. Swissvale speeding thru the interchange and are hard to see and unexpected.
others as well as myself have had close encounters with this bad set up which Penn Dot is aware of but with limited space there is not much that can be done to realign  it but you could put a stop sign on the straight thru street. W. Swissvale Ave. or otherwise slow down the drivers approaching the interchange.

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