Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WAKE UP THERE IS A FIRE- Well maybe that's why there are new Low Frequency Sounders available for Sleeping Ares

I install Fire Alarms in all type of structures but  the most challenging are Apartment Buildings.
The problem  people are sleeping in these buildings and making sure the system is loud enough to wake them up.
Code wants the alarm sound 15 decibels above normal ambient noise levels.
This has been the standard for years except there are those people who no matter how loud you make a fire alarm will not wake up to it,

Well System Sensor has developed model  P2RH-LF  520 HZ  sounders which allow the sound the produce to better penetrate sleeping areas and wake individuals especially if they are heavy sleepers or have high cycle hearing loss  the 520 Hz sounder produces a much lower tone it can be heard in video below you can see and hear the new sounder with the older much louder Buzzer Sound  unit in back round


As you can see there is a very big difference in sound.levels I look forward to installing these new units to help keep people safe .
 you can learn more about these new sounders at link below


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