Friday, July 18, 2014

Why is there a 6 channel 5104 SK communicator hanging next to a 5808 panel which has a communicator ? Good question as Honeywell once again shows why they are no longer my partner of choice.

Yes this is an awkward situation a Perfectly good looking Silent Knight 5808 panel which has a built in Communicator has a 5104 Communicator next to it.
 But you see there is a big problem  with the 5808 panel it was not even 3 years old and the communicator went bad  for some reason and will no longer work. No problem call up Silent Knight a Honeywell company and it should be a breeze to get the panel replaced after all its less than 3 years old. Oh where sorry we can not help you that panel was made a month before the 3 year policy went into effect so the panel only has 1 year warranty. Too Bad.

So now I have a $1500.00 dollar panel a customer paid for that will not communicate.
I then have to undo it and send it back and $400.000 to repair it  in mean time there is no fire protection  for a month and god knows if the repairs will be OK  because I rarely ever change one of these panels makes me wonder if it was not bad to begin with. This is a take over account but all in all it looks like it was put in proper.
So what to do ?
 spend $400.00 and wait a month no protection on a very big hardware store complex or put a dialer beside it.
I opted for dialer beside it for about half the cost of repairs and Screw Silent Knight for not taking care of this they say how good there panels are and when it comes time to put the rubber to the road where are they? So when every fire technician looks at this picture and wonders what the hell is going on now you know. With all the Silent Knight equipment I put in you think they would have taken care of the issue but no they could not be bothered that's why I will be looking for another line of equipment to install.

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