Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pa. Dept. of Public Welfare proves everyday how they fail to protect our Young Children and Elderly

So you want to buy a used house you find it then the paper work starts before you can occupy it.

Radon test -yes
Lead Paint test- yes
Asbestos test- yes
 Occupancy permit - some times
Electrical and plumbing inspection- yes
Fire Inspection -some times
So why then can a used house be converted to a Group Home or Personnel Care Home and the above inspections are not done or required?
That's a very good question

To open a Group or Personnel Care Home  you have to follow DPW regulations as well as state building codes but this is where it gets murky.
Even thou you are required to have a fire alarm system they are often put in as well as emergency lighting and exit lights with no inspections. all the DPW inspector does is ask if they are working they leave it up to local inspectors to handle and often local inspectors have no idea these systems have been put in and  homes have opened up until the first call for police or fire happens and then all the shit hits the fan. Or the inspectors never do show up as community's enforcement of codes  does not happen  especially in rural areas  they could care less who does what in there community.
DPW does check water temperature and all staff have proper training and a bunch of other paper work but when it comes to safety matters they do not inspect these items.
They also do not require a lead paint test or asbestos test in old homes which are converted to group or personnel care use.
 I know this goes on because I do work in Group and Personnel care homes and thou I will not work in them unless my work is inspected I know many other contractors who say and do nothing until they are caught.
Why is this done because organizations which run these homes want to sneak in and avoid hassles of  zoning hearings even thou thy have to be allowed to operate .
its a shame but it goes on all the time .
I have personally turned in  a Barber group home which was being snuck into Peters Twp. in Washington County
when I saw the slob work being done by contractors and owners did nothing to insist it be corrected.
they got all mad I insisted on an inspection  its the law and its a liability thing you have it or I do not do the work period where talking about putting lives on the line. But the DPW and home owners could care less. yes the DPW inspectors come in check all the paper work then leave and often in homes with bad wiring and non working fire systems and emergency lighting and structural deficiencies  radon,  lead paint and asbestos  and it happens all the time .
many code officials and Fire marshals know of the problems with how inspections are being done in these homes and all are worried there is going to be a massive amount of  fire deaths at one of them due to failure to properly enforce codes but every ones hands are tied until state gets off its ass and acts.
in the mean time if you have a loved one in a group or personnel care home  all you can do is hope the operators and local officials are doing the right thing . Many are but many more are not.

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