Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scummy Tactics by Slob Fire Extinguisher Servicing Company's to be aware of.

It happened one day at Penn Hills Fire station 224 #  where I once belonged one of the members lounging at the station hears the door bell ring and its the local Fire Extinguisher service guy. Say's he is there to service the fire extinguishers
and he is let in. The only problem  he was not suppose to be the one doing it he just told a story to the member who let him in at the time we contracted with a different service .  He does minimal service and leaves a week later a bill comes  in and the board is trying to figure out where this company came from and why they did service. Well it ends up the member let them in not knowing this company has nothing to do with the servicing of extinguisher at the station.
I wanted them to take this company to court and file fraud charges against them but they would not do it they where afraid the fire company's credit rating would be dinged and besides this company had mob connections supposedly . What  bull shit these guys bought and they went and paid the bill after myself and other members told them not to and file charges. Needless to say I have other customers that do use this company with questionable tactics and they have all been switching to some one else after I started checking their fire extinguishers and found they where not being properly serviced. I filed complaints with local fire Marshals etc. and of course no one does a dam thing as usual.
The only defense you have against company's who operate in such a scummy  manner is to fire them and not allow them on the premise.

Make it clear to your employees to call you first before they let any technician in to do any kind of work if they are not known. This goes for alarm company's , filter changing company's etc. there are many slob servicing company's out there doing shoddy work and using unethical tactics to do work by tricking an unknowing employee to let them in the door.
If the technician is not to be there inform them to leave if they refuse call 911 and have them removed for trespassing .

Do not allow scummy servicing company's to get away with shoddy work and fraudulent billing.

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