Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big National Non Profit Charitys - Where does the money really go? -- Why are there not more cures? --- Why you should not contribute !

Yes its that time of year a well known celebrity would spend an entire weekend hosting celebrity entertainers to part you of your money for a worthy cause to cure children of a dreadful disease. While he no longer does it and the charity has cut back the show to one evening one has to ask after all the millions of dolar's raised .Why has there not been significant advances or even cures?
Well the answer is that most of the money that was donated went directly into running the charity.
Thats why I no longer contribute to any of them the only one I will donate to is  The salvation Army 90% of every dollar they take in goes back into the community while other charity's as little as 10% -30% actually makes it towards research and helping those who need help .

Disgusted or disbelieving unfortunately  yes it is the truth.

So where does the money go?

Well first you have a staff and some charity presidents make well over $350,000.00 a year
yes they get paid as much as the CEO of a big corporation. here is one article critical of the pay

Then  after staff salaries there are all those printing costs for all the donation letters etc.  there are billions of dollars spent by groups like the American Cancer Society who I will not contribute to or help.
I sent them a $100.00 donation and how did they spend it by sending me donation letters and calls for the next year.  Even after I told them thats all I could contribute at the time. How much of my $100.00 made it to cancer research in the end about$10.00  I send the money direct to research institutes now and bypass the cancer charity's.

Where else do they spend it?

Oh yes why of course they have to send expensive   thank you plaques and mementos  to contributors and hold Thank You Dinners etc etc. all with money which was donated.
Sorry I do not want any of this its just a waste of the money I gave you to find a cure.
Spend it on research not on hosting a dinner or a plaque .

They also spend on advocacy and education. Yes some money is spent on education but most of it goes to lobbyists in Washington DC  again money wasted. 

They also spend your money in ways you may not wish it spent. Yes there was a big scandal couple years back where Susan .Komen  breast Cancer  charity was sending money to fund abortions. 

So if you really want to contribute where your money can really help find the names of the institutes doing the research and send it direct to them. and the small Charity who spend the money locally and help local residents in need after of course checking them out as well. ACS gets 2 out of 4 stars very sad

This is one of several sites to check out charity's If you donate to them fine but know where your money goes.

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