Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fixing up a temporay seasonal store I get to meet a Fire extinghuisher inspector and watch him pass bad units as good.

One of my customers has gone out of business and decided to rent their store to one of those seasonal Halloween stores.

Spirit Halloween.

I was getting store ready for them as couple minor electrical things needed repaired and new battery's where needed in emergency back up light units.

While I am there working an older man and his wife pull up in a small unmarked Mini Van.
They are there to check and inspect the fire extinguishers OK no big deal needs done the units are well over the 5 year mark and will need to be replaced or Hydro tested.

Well next thing I know the guy starts pushing buttons and working on the  Fire alarm I installed and monitor for store owner.

What the hell you doing I ask him  ? here to switch the alarm monitoring over for the Halloween store
 Well I inform him to stop what he is doing I maintain system and check with the manager. manager comes over and says no he should not be doing this his work order is wrong.
So he stops what he is doing and starts checking the extinguishers. never takes one out of its mount or picks one up to check it or sake and tap the bottom to loosen the powder did not take off or inspect one hose on units just walked over and put new tags on them and never checked date they where built.

OK he has just checked 12 extinguishers in under 15 minutes and says there all OK  No sorry he did not check a thing what he has done is committed fraud  and is now going to bill Spirit for the work.
he then comes over to me and tells me yea he changes over the Vista 128FB all the time he got this special  Honeywell software on his computer from ADI and plugs it into 2 phone ports and can blink the smoke detectors and get the serial numbers.

After hearing that I know the guys a total fraud and bull shiter no such thing exists he then goes on to
tell me the panel which is 8 years old is over 12 years old and no longer UL listed.?
Really  I said can you show me that in a code book there is no such rule. well as soon as he realized I knew what I was talking about he was out the door.
I have contacted Spirit stores about this fraudster and the local AHJ and I hope they bust this clown .
Who has changed his name a couple times and works out of his home in Valencia Pa. and starts with a R  I have started contacting AHJ in my area to be aware of these 2

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