Sunday, September 21, 2014

Silent Knight and Honeywell Strike again ! Why I never trust rebuilt boards

What has been billed as the most fantastic Fire Panel on the market By Silent Knight really makes you wonder after going thru what I have with their New  EVS amplifier  panel.

In the above picture is the used rebuilt Amplifier board Honeywell SK sent me after a board went bad at a church in Cabot Pa.after only being in service for 2 months .
I hooked up the rebuilt board and boom it smoked up and shorted out .

So what the hell is going on with Silent Knight this Fire alarm not even 6 months on market and they send me a rebuilt board not a new one  they should have plenty of new ones in stock ready to go which tells me they have a problem and it has not been addressed it has now been 3 weeks and still no replacement board back from them. repairs should never take this long on a brand new product.

The best part I have to drive all the way out to Cabot Pa. in Butler county and do all the back and forth nonsense and not get paid for it. now for a second time.

Like I said  Honeywell is no longer my Partner of Choice I am looking for a new line of products to offer.

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