Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The dirty little secret that some self storage facility's know about the security of their gates.

You have some excess furniture etc you need to store off site so you go down to the local self storage facility  to store your items.
 But just how secure are these places in some cases not very .
You see even thou many of these places have gates to only let those leasing a space in  with a special code many places a simple 4 or 6  digit default code is all that is needed.
The problem it is expensive to maintain gate systems and if a controller card blows out or is not installed many gates simply will take any 4-6 digit code you enter.
you may think its your own code but it is not.

So how do I know this it is because I work on gate controllers at many places including mini storage places. 

Typical entry gate
So how do you know if your number is actually working and gate is not in default ?

Try entering a different 4-6 digit code if gate opens its not secure.  if gate is operating properly gate will not open and if its the fancy type of opener a printed message will appear of keypad code denied try again.
 another trick thieves use on gates is where the gate opens from inside automatically when car runs over the ground loop . All the thief has to do is shove a strip of metal under the gate cover the in  ground sensors ad gate opens thinking a car has come on top of it

Also remember to use a good quality lock as no lock will stop a determined thief but it will slow them down. Also choose a place which has cameras and alarms in use if what you are worried about has any value and get insurance to cover the goods.

remember that thief's will in fact pose as renters also as a way to enter and rip off facility if you see something that does not look right while at your unit report it to management and call 911 if necessary. 

Also as far as those TV shows you see where these guys make all kind of money when they buy units which have not paid there lease.  Very rarely will you ever see those kind of units prepare to get a lot of bad units you will not make your money back on.  Those shows are all hype  only time you will ever make out is a unit where an owner  has died and relatives have not pilfered it yet.
 carefully read the disclaimer when these TV shows start and u=you will see what I mean.

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