Sunday, October 5, 2014

Knock Off Pull Stations which have a history of producing ground faults in systems

AIP Alarm Industry Products  came on the market around 30 or so years ago a knock off of  famous Edwards Brand products I am not sure if this was a Edwards division or they allowed there patents to be copied but  they where well built  and lasted for many years and where less cost then Edwards brand products.  AIP produced mostly Pull stations and Heat Detectors  but one persistent problem which has been cropping up is the pull stations tend to break down over the years and create ground faults especially if bumped. Plus the fact the screws are on the back one had to make sure a deep wiremold or other metal box was used to prevent ground faults in the first place.

While I do get an occasional ground fault  from original Edwards  pull stations its about 6-1 AIP units breaking down and causing them.  But when you can get 20 + years out of a product before there is an issue thats an except-able loss and its just a mater of being aware these units do break down occasionally and need replaced when you have an older system which is showing a ground fault.

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