Friday, October 31, 2014

Taxpayer money wasted on Parking Gate put in by Slob Contractor and every one just shrugs.

One of my Institutional customers had a parking lot gate installed back in 2006  and when they went to reuse it after it had sat unused for several years I found it was beyond economical repair as a previous lightning strike on property had fred the controls and the gate unit was not heated and had badly corroded in side. But that was not the only problem I found.

The contractor who put the gate in under a government grant   had undersized the 120 volt wire going to gate  and over fused it. they also ran 22# gauge wire  for the exiting and safety  loops  in ground 3 sizes too small it needed to be at least 14# gauge .

Then we found the wire going to the reader where you presented the card had been smashed and pinched which is why the gate stopped operating several months after it was installed. A totally incompetent install  by a MBE qualified contractor and your tax payer dollars wasted and everyone just shrugs.
I have ordered and am now in process of installing a new parking gate.
card reader not fastened properly and water intrusion

wires popping up out of asphalt

22#  white burg wire not 14# traffic loop wire.

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