Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Compliance Engine a new online cloud based way to file Fire Inspection reports comunites are adopting

I have many apartment building I take care of in Mt Lebanon Pa. and it has always been an ordeal every year to Fax over to them the Annual Fire Alarm Inspection reports seems they get lost misfiled whatever.
Well the good folks at Mt Lebanon Fire Prevention came across a service to help stop all the confusion and make things neat and orderly
Its called"  The Compliance Engine "

Its a neat site to allow you to file all your  annual or quarterly reports  from  fire alarms, sprinklers  emergency lights to  emergency generators etc. depending how the town has arranged it.

Many towns now use it .

My experience using it has not been bad takes a little to get use to it but they offer on line seminars for those not use to using such software and there have been a couple bumps with addresses etc which will be worked out shortly but all in all its a good program and will ultimately save time and aggravation for all.  I expect once everything  in Mt Lebanon is hammered out and fixed  with its new inception to area that other towns will start using it  and a bonus especially for high risk customers all reports are right there and can be pulled and printed for insurance risk agents etc who need them.

  They push the compliance engine as a way to enhance your company's revenue since now they will know who has and who has not been doing there job getting buildings inspected.  and its true in that aspect as I still run a cross system never inspected or tested since day they where put in. and as good as Mt Lebanon is getting inspections done of building there are always the skunks out there who the compliance engine will catch.

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