Monday, November 10, 2014

A Pa. Fire Chiefs advice could well get you killed during a fire unless you take these precautions

Recently KDKA TV ran a news piece on warnings from fire chief in beaver county to always close door to your bedroom before you go to sleep . Claiming it can give up to 20 extra minutes in surviving a fire. I totally disagree unless certain precautions are taken.Becuse it could well end up getting you killed and as usual KDKA TV has failed to do Due Diligence when it comes to checking out all the facts before releasing this news article as many fire officials and investigators  are very divided on this issue including me.

First off  many fires start in bedrooms if your going to close your door make sure all bedrooms and hall way to them has smoke alarms as well as one on each level and that they are tied together so they all sound  better yet pay to have them monitored so help is on the way well before you have to call 911 or neighbor comes knocking on the door. 
Once you close that bedroom door all sounds going on in the house can now not be heard including that lone smoke detector you have in the hall. 
Like a bang or small boom or glass breaking  to warn you to an issue.  A closed bedroom door also hinders a family pet like a cat or dog allowed to roam the house at night from waking you as well will you hear them scratching at your bedroom door?  as they now can not jump on and wake you.
 Yes many a family pet has woken and helped save a home owners life. Even pet birds who made loud screeches.

Want to stop a fire in the first place its called Fire Prevention. Almost every fire you look at at least 1 or more major rules to fire safety have been ignored or broken .

So if you want to close your bedroom door and follow this fire chiefs opinion by all means do so but at least have a functioning smoke alarm in the  bed room.

Me personally I will be sleeping with my bedroom doors open so my pets can warn me to a fire or intruder as I have smokes on both levels and they are monitored 24/7  to give me and my family a chance to escape.

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