Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Honeywell Stood Up and did the right thing for customer stuck with non remote hardwired Tuxedo Keypads

Honeywell Security  came thru when there sales representative did not and gave me nothing but promises.

The problem there where 2 versions of Tuxedo Automation Touch Pads sold a hard wired version and a WiFi version.

When first released the local rep  Jim G. promised that they would be remote control capable in about a year and flash upgradeable
I sold the Tuxedos  based on this promise of remote control capability  and that both would be able to do this and about 16 months later  the WiFi remote capable tuxedos could be remote controlled all you had to do was upgrade the firmware . However Honeywell choose not to do this for the hard wired tuxedos so my  3 customers spent $400.00 for nothing while my customers who bought the WiFi version where enjoying the new things they could control . As many of my customers know each other as I built my business on word of mouth you can imagine how upset my customers stuck with the hard wired tuxedos felt.
I contacted Jim G. numerous times over this issue and for over a year he has been stone walling me. Well Finally a very nice gentleman named Eric  Oh. got hold of me after reading my blog and sent me 3 of the WiFi touch units for my 3 customers stuck with the hard wired tuxedos.
they are now like little kids using the keypads and now that the voice feature is coming out cant wait to try this feature as well.

Thank you Eric Oh and Thank You Honeywell for taking care of my customers who are loyal to your product as many have been using it since the Ademco Days.

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