Sunday, January 25, 2015

How many people would have become Electricans or into the trades had the Math not scared them ? the truth all you need is basic math to do your job.

I have heard it so many times over the years from people I meet How they wanted to become a Electrician , Plumber or Carpenter  etc. but could not handle the math requirements when they took the tests to get placed in a class.

The truth the advanced math taught in trade classes is hardly ever used  if you can do standard high school math  add,subtract ,multiply,divide and percentages  you can do your trade.

Its the same even for electronics work I do.  you do not need to know advanced math unless you are doing advanced design and  engineering work.  Why they even insist you have to take and pass advanced mathematics concepts is total bull shit and nothing more than a means to wash out those who could otherwise contribute to the trades.

If your going into a trade then you should be taught whats known as shop or trade math  if your going to be an engineer and or a designer then fine then take the advanced math classes that require them.

Because they keep insisting on adding math courses into the trades that are not needed and never used unless you are doing engineering calculations the whole industry now suffers as many young men who could have and should have been tradesman never came in and now we are very short handed when it comes to the trades as the work force now has an average age of 50

It is estimated that as many as 70% of the available tradesman now working in the field will be retiring with in the next 10 years causing a major crisis. there will always be those like me who will try to work past retirement part time to pass on what we know to the next generation but who will build this country?

Right now just in the Pittsburgh area Local Trade Unions are advertising for recruits something unheard of 30years ago it was almost impossible to get into the unions now they go begging for members.

Local Power company's are offering a fantastic opportunity where you get paid to learn plus come out with a college degree.   It is getting so hard to get young men to come into the trades .

So why with the need for tradesman would educators insist on putting math requirements in place which are not needed and keep many otherwise qualified individuals  from becoming tradespeople?


  1. I think that it is true that many people want to become an electrician or a carpenter, but didn't have the motivation to do so. I've seen that the work of an electrician isn't all that hard. Like the article says, it is fairly easy unless you are doing advanced engineering work. I'm wanting to become an electrician. One thing that I learned is that one way to learn something is from someone who does it for a living.

  2. My grandpa said the same thing all the time. Chances are the math you are used to, are already good enough or way above the recommended line. Just knowing makes me want to learn the trade now.