Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Self Ejecting electric Plug system from Meltric solves many safety issues when it comes to plugging in heavy electrical loads

I have seen it too many times especially on 3 phase powered  electrical equipment.
A worker unplugs the unit while it is still operating drawing a potentially deadly arc  which would not happen if they had simply turned off the main disconnect switch  when disconnecting a big portable pump or electric welder or big mixer

It is  an accident waiting to happen and are totally avoidable  simply by just shutting off the disconnect . But people get busy and forget and  flash crack boom.

Well one company  Meltric has developed a self ejecting plug which helps to prevent this from happening .

The high impact plastic plugs and receptacles are designed to automatically eject   and clear quickly which prevents an arc flash from forming when a plug is pulled slowly as shown in video below.

I have been encouraging my customers to switch over to this plug and receptacle style  to help prevent accidents in their facility and many are doing so. the units are expensive but one cost eliminated is since the plugs can serve as disconnect a separate disconnect does not need to be installed.


  1. I've heard of this happening way to many times. Just like you say, electricians are unplugging equipment while they are still running and get shocked by a big electrical arc. By just staying aware of your surroundings you can prevent this from happening all together. thanks for sharing your awesome post. Electrical Safety

  2. Thats great news to have such a plug system. It is best from the safety point of view.
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