Sunday, May 3, 2015

Follow Up : Power problems in Penn Hills apparently caused by failed 23,000 High Voltage cable cable

I wrote earlier this week about lights blinking and then hearing the loud buzzing noise from an electrical arc coming over the back hill from my place.
Well with some investigation I go to the bottom of things which was going on and causing the lights to blink etc. While driving along Cox Comb hill in Plum Boro I came across a burned thru 23.000 volt lead lined  transmission cable near the substation on Cox Comb .

The cables which are wrapped in lead sheathing and are carried in a bundle of 3 just above  the telephone  lines on poles and used to transfer power around structures and across bridges etc.
Duquesne Light is one of the few power company's in this area that uses this system .

What appears to have happened is at some point in the life of this cable that failed either it got rubbed against by other cable or bracket holding it etc.  and in same time was seeking to find ground thru the wooden pole and as cable started failing it would arc causing the power problems .It finally got to point where the arcing was strong enough to ground  and sustained enough for the cable to snap.
Since this cable has snapped there have been no further issues and power company did not even have the courtesy to call Penn Hills Emergency Management to say they found the problem after being contacted numerous times. Why these utility company's have to  act this way is beyond common sense. But they do

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