Friday, August 14, 2015

ATTENTION Electronic Manufactures I do not want Cheaper Products I want the Dam thing to work Period

I am so dam tired of electronics makers be it burglar and fire alarms, cameras ,radios you name it.
It seems like every time I walk in the supply house the manufactures reps  say  look at this new product update and its so much cheaper.

No this is not what I want I want the dam thing to work . Cheaper means you have cut corners some where  it means you are using me to be the Ginny Pig  to work out the bugs .

Just like all the new automation products they work faster and in mean time the software is glitchy and does not work. Connectors which do not hold properly, IP which will not set etc etc etc.  cheaper means exactly that its cheaply made . I want quality products and all I find is total shit  and problems
  because its made fast its made cheap and software is written poorly.  

I want to put a product in for a customer they are happy it works and I do not have to constantly  have to keep upgrading software and chips etc.etc.and respond to constant glitchs. .

its what i want its what the customer wants and its what many electronic installers want but what do manufacturers do. Keep turning out untested shit products.

When you go out of business and can not understand why. Know its because you did not listen to your customers.

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