Sunday, August 16, 2015

The BAOFENG Solution Proving once again how American consumers have been getting screwed when it comes to the costs of 2 way radios for Amateur Radio Operators and emergency and business radio users. use.

Yes if you have ever had to buy a 2 way radio you know the extreme high costs . But all along we the American consumer have been getting F--ked and Screwed over by American Manufacturers who do not even manufacture there radios in America.
Yes brands like Motorola , Kennwood  , Bendix have been way overpriced for decades because they kept smaller manufactures out of the market.
Using FCC ,UL rules and regulations  and others to keep low cost manufacturers out.
while a couple where allowed they cost of the radios was extremely high .
'But no more.
Finally a Chinese manufacturer BAOFENG has broken thru with affordable radios you can buy new not used like I have always had to do when pursuing my amateur radio hobby.  A hobby I and many others  have been frozen out of because of costs because there are no cheap radios to buy not even kits you can build with out getting into several hundred dollars to get all set up.

But for well under $100.00 you can get into the hobby with a well built radio brand new in your hand which you can expand on.

It has been well known for at least 2 decades  electronics manufacturing costs have been coming way down overseas where the vast majority of electronics is manufactured but manufacturers chose to  deliberately keep prices high and screw the American consumer.  if Baofeng can charge $35.00 for this dual band 2 meter / 70 CM Amateur radio  why does it cost well over $100.00 for a simple receive only scanner  radio and  $350.00 dollars and much more from vast majority of manufacturers 2 way radios
Especially since they are all manufactured overseas .  Yes prices have been locked in and artificially kept high to fatten corporate fat cats wallets nothing else.
If BAOFENG can delver the above radio for $35.00  So called USA company's should be able to do it for around $75.00  and still make a profit.

Yes any one buying any kind of electronics has been getting screwed all these years and it needs to stop.


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