Saturday, October 31, 2015

Illegal Party Site along a Natural Gas Transmission Line in Plum Boro Pa. A potential for problems ignored by Authorities and Gas Company

I was driving up Cox comb Hill from New Kensington one night around 11PM  when I saw lights from a  open top Jeep loaded with teenagers and a keg of beer  go up a  mud lane path along a High Pressure gas Transmission line in Plum Boro.

Now besides the dangers the driver put him self and passengers in climbing this 2 rut goat path there is the serious issue of hitting the pipelines various valves etc located along its path If they start a fire there is always danger of it spreading and some one getting hurt.
When I saw them going up I called Allegheny County 911 who said they would notify Plum PD and it was like no big deal . I never heard back from Plum or 911  and had something happened up top of that hill how where police and medics going to get up there .

I notified the gas company and heard nothing either. These lines come under Dept of Homeland Security rules they provide essential gas service to  Power plants  Business and homes. Yet no one seems concerned. Just a bunch of kids partying or maybe next time some one intent on causing damage.  all thats needed is a simple barrier of some type and yes they are trespassing and it is a serious manner to be looked at. But its business as usual till something goes wrong. then its duck cover and wait for the lawsuits .

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